Residential Gates

Gates is an important addition to improve the appearance of your home and they also increase the value of your home in case you want to sell it. Just like any machine, a gate needs to be maintained on a regular basis to make sure it works effectively and maintains its durability. 



The following residential gate tips will help you maintain your gate properly to avoid unnecessary repair costs:



  • Evaluate the Entrance
  • Choose the Right Gate Material and Design
  • Select a Secure Gate Operator
  • Add a Magnetic Gate Lock
  • Check the Rollers and Tracks
  • Clear the Electric Opener of Snow, Moisture, and Debris
  • Check Angle of Opening
  • Always Check the Electrical Components
  • Lubricate To Reduce Noise That Gate May Produce When Opening or Closing
  • Check The Auto Reverse Functions Of Gates


If you suddenly experience gate problems and you need a professional gate service provider in Hollywood, Florida, Open Sesame is always available to help you. We are a local garage door and gate service company ready to provide quality and affordable service at all times.




Some Of Our Residential Gate Services in Hollywood, Florida Includes:


  • Preventative maintenance
  • New Automatic Gate Installation
  • Residential Gate Repair
  • Misaligned Track Repair
  • Off-Track Gate Repair
  • New Automatic Gate Opener Installation
  • Gate Operator Installation
  • Slide Gates Installation
  • Swing Gates Installation
  • barrier Gates Installation  
  • Custom Gate Fabrication
  • Automatic Gate Installation
  • Driveway Gate Repair
  • Gate Operator Repair
  • Iron Gate Repair
  • Privacy Modifications
  • Commercial Gate Repairs
  • Gate Opener Installations
  • New Gate Installations
  • Preventative Maintenance 
  • Residential Automatic Gate Repair Service
  • Commercial Driveway Gate Openers Sales, Service and Repair


Some of The Residential Gate Problems We Service in Hollywood, Florida:



  • Unusual noise
  • Gate not working
  • Obstructed sensors
  • Stuck in manual mode
  • Gate is jerky or gets stuck
  • Gate Won’t Open or Close
  • Generate a large amount of noise
  • Faulty remote control
  • Stuck in manual mode
  • Worn track
  • Gate Only Works If Someone Is Standing In Front Of It
  • Gate Opens Out the Wrong Way
  • Gate Won’t Open or Close All The Way
  • Gate Locks Keep Jamming
  • Remote Control isn’t Working Properly
  • Gate Is Not Reacting, Moving Or Making Any Sound
  • Gate Doesn’T Stop Where It Is Supposed To
  • Problems Due To Cold Weather And Low Temperatures
  • Remote Controller Doesn’T Work
  • Swinging Gate Doesn’T Open
  • Gate Keeps Making A Beeping Sound
  • Misalignment Of Gates To One Another
  • Sagging In The Gate
  • Cracks, Breaks, Or Visible Structural Issues


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For top-notch gates service for your home or business, Open Sesame is your trusted local choice. We deal with all makes and models of automatic, remote, and electric gates and garage doors, keeping them in great shape at all times. 




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